CUDA & Visual C++ & Windows Forms Applications

Hi, everyone.

I’m using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and I have to work with CUDA technology. I’ve understood how to work with it creating console applications (I used a Wizard and cuda_template). But I have no idea how to make it working in win32 applications with forms (dialogs, buttons, labels, etc.)

I’ve tried to do next thing: create a new project, right click on it and select “Custom Build Rules…”. In the dialog that opened, locate the “CUDA Build rule” in my SDK directory. Then just add the .cu files to the project and setup the “CUDA Build Rule” to build them using the “Tool” option under “General” in the properties of the file.


I’ve got next error while linking my project: “fatal error lnk1313 ijw native module detected cannot link with pure modules”.

Any idea?