CUDA visual profiler getting CUDA visual profiler to work

Hello All,
I have built a VS2005 solution using one of the CUDA 2.0 SDK examples as reference. I was trying to use the CUDA visual profiler on this application.
The manual CUDA_profiler_2.0.txt suggests that I rebuild the application after setting the following env variables:

I do that, recompile the application and run but do not find cuda_profile.log or the csv file in the project directory. I doubt that the logfile is being generated. How do I create an input file for the visual profiler? How do I create a cuda project file (.cpj)?

Any help/tips/comments would be greatly appreciated.



I have same problem. I have tried this issue but I can not get the .cpj file. Can anybody help me for this.

I found the answer.
just compile the code in the visual studio. the visual studio creates an .exe . then show this .exe file to the visual profiler than press run. the visual profiler creates the .cpj and .csv files and shows the result.
I can run on 8600 gt.
I used the cuda sdk v 2.0.

:unsure: :unsure:

I have already create the .exe, and I open visual profiler , and then create a project

in C:/Documents and Settings/James/My Documents/Visual Studio 2005/Projects.

In the launch box , I fill the .exe

“C:/Documents and Settings/James/My Documents/Visual Studio 2005/Projects/CUDAWinApp1/debug/CUDAWinApp1.exe”

Finally, I press start button, it show me a error message as following:

Execution run #1 of program "C:/Documents and Settings/James/My Documents/Visual Studio 2005/Projects/CUDAWinApp1/debug/CUDAWinApp1.exe"failed, exit code: -1073741515

Does anybody know what happend on the steps of executing the visual profiler??

Thank you very much. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

without running Cuda visual profiler. does your program work correctly?

My program work correctly.

I follow what xuberace said to set the environmental variables.



After that, I recompile my program and run, I can fine cuda_profile.log

I want to create an input file for the visual profiler(.cpj),so I follow what soner said

I compile my program, and I get the .exe in the debug folder.

But I don’t know exactly how to show this .exe file to the visual profiler??

So I did what I said

and I don’t know what is wrong on the steps??

Thank you very much.

just run the cudaprof.exe, create a new project, and follow the instructions…