CUDA61_40_17 dll missing. CUDA Runtime DLL missing ??

Hi All,

I am a newbie to CUDA programming and I had recently had my CUDA 4.0, 64 bit environment up and running under Windows 7 and able to execute programs on GPU.

It just happened yesterday that one of the CUDA runtime DLL (cudart64_40_17.dll) gone missing. I don’t know how and it refuses to execute the program. The program is successfully built.

I want some help to fix this and to know how this could have happened ?

  1. Can I get 64 bit build of this dll and if so, where do I put it ?
  2. Can I repair the CUDA framework or do I need to reinstall it all over again ???

ANY Help is appreciated. Thank you :smile:

Shyam B

Locate this dll in your computer via search and put it in program directory.

This does not help. Please see the screenshot I have attached with the description of the problem. I copied and pasted the file cudart64_40_17.dll into Program files.

Isn’t there a way which might fix this as this is really mind boggling… Please help!

You need to copy dll file to your program directory.

I am using 64 bit version of windows and I copied this 64 bit run time dll to my program directory. But can you tell me the complete path where in I need to copy this dll (just to confirm)…

Also, doesn’t CUDA runtime take the dll from the C:\Users…\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4.0\C\common\bin directory at runtime ??

No, it does not. Your program should be able to locate this dll. So, put this dll in your program folder, with your executable file.


I placed this in the program files folder and still I was not able to run this dll. However, I reinstalled the SDK, this started working !! Reason unknown !

Shyam B