cudaEventElapsedTime device not ready (error 600) (hex 0x258)

Detection is working but console is writing this error in between detection constantly. <detectNet.Detection object>
Confidence: 0.97998
ClassID: 1
Left: 275.938
Top: 188.086
Right: 832.5
Bottom: 714.023
Width: 556.562
Height: 525.938
Area: 292717
Center: (554.219, 451.055)
Sending YAW movement command with heading: -1.730313
Sending XYZ movement command with v_x(forward/backward): -0.138160 v_y(right/lef
t): 0.000000

cudaEventElapsedTime(&cuda_time, mEventsGPU [evt], mEventsGPU[evt+1]) [cuda] device not ready (error 600) (hex 0x258)
[cuda] /home/akshay/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/include/jetson-inference

<detectNet.Detection object>


Have you checkout jetson-inference with the corresponding branch that supports your environment?


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