cudaGetDeviceProperties() returns zeros on GeForce GTX 760M

I have a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M video card.
I installed CUDA 10.1 update 2 Windows.
My IDE is Visual Studio 2019 v16.11.16.
And OS Windows 10 LTSC.

I want to get information about my video card using the cudaGetDeviceProperties()function. But this function does not return any data to the structure.

cudaDeviceProp devinfo;
auto res = cudaGetDeviceProperties(&devinfo, 0);

res = cudaErrorUnknown(999)

How can I get the cudaGetDeviceProperties() function to work?

If your Visual Studio is localised (not English), then go to Project Properties → Configuration properties → Additionally → Сharacter set and choose Use Unicode character set

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