cudaMallocManaged Fails

Hope this is the right forum…

I’ve installed the CUDA_8.0.61 kit for Windows 7.

Compiling and debugging with Visual Studio 2015.

When I call cudaMallocManaged() it returns “cudaErrorNotSupported”.

My NVidia adapter is a Quadro 2000M.

I am compiling for x64.

What could the problem be?

OK - it appears my device does not support Unified memory.

So there must be an alternative?

Quadro 2000M is a Fermi-family device, with compute capability 2.1. It should be supported by CUDA 8. I am reasonably sure that cudaMallocManaged requires compute capability >= 3.0.

OK. I see from examples, that for this level of compute, I need to do a cudaMalloc and a cudaMemcpy to get data back and forth from Host to Device.