CudaPAD and it's source code are now available for download.

CudaPAD is a simple app that displays a kernel PTX, SASS, and usage information. In a nutshell, it compiles the kernel in the left windows each time it is modified and then posts the PTX in the right window with some visual cues. In the background it is calling nvcc.exe and then showing the information. It has Diff information and as well as usage information.

It’s only for viewing PTX/SASS and does not run any kernels.

Requirements: Visual Studio and Cuda 6.5/7.0

Read more about it here:

Code also posted on GitHub:

I guess most of us doesn’t know much about this CudaPAD app but honestly saying it is a good app and after knowing its features everyone will be interested to have it. Thanks for giving a brief info on it along with the link to download it. I’m going to download and install it now. Anyone facing any problem during downloading may contact the support center at for helps. Thanks a lot.