cuDNN 5.1 installation files Ubuntu server 16.04

Hi all,

I need to install cuDNN 5.1 in order to use TensorFlow.

Unfortunately I am unable to find the Ubuntu 16.04 x64 packages :(

Are they available for this platform, or did cuDNN get installed automatically with the installation of ???

I did find the package cudnn-8.0-linux-x64-v5.1.tgz: Is this the package that I need for Ubuntu 16.04?

Any help will greatly be appreciated!


Yes, that is what you use (cudnn-8.0-linux-…) It is not installed automatically with cuda.

The tensorflow instructions here will give you an idea how to use it with tensorflow:


the only difference being the file name - change the file name in the tar command to match the file you downloaded.


Many thanks for your help: I appreciate it!

I also noted that the Tesla M6 card isn’t mentioned:

Do you happen to know if this card works with cuDNN5.1 ???

Thanks again :)

It should work, yes.

Hi Bob,

Good to hear, but we will find out for sure after installation ;)

Thanks again for your help!

Dear sir,I have Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M.I want to install cuda and can I download and install for caffe in ubuntu 16.04

Thank you very much.

你好,想问一下cudnn-8.0- linux-x64-v5.1.tgz这个软件包在哪找的啊,我的页面搜索不到,方便发个链接吗,谢谢