cuEGLStreamProducerConnect returns error 801 on 525.53 driver

It seems that the new beta driver is causing the cuEGLStreamProducerConnect CUDA function to return the error 'operation not supported' (801). I’ve not yet upgraded to the 525 driver to test this myself.

The issue is happening with the nvidia-vaapi-driver, on this line, which is odd because that code has been working fine up to now.

For reference, the nvidia-vaapi-driver issue is here.



As reported in the nvidia-vaapi-driver issue, this is still not fixed in 525.60.11. Are there plans on the fix?


I’ve retested this with 525.60.11, and I’m still getting the same issue. I’ve tried a few things, but nothing will allow cuEGLStreamProducerConnect to succeed.

Interestingly, if I remove the call to eglStreamImageConsumerConnectNVprior to the cuEGLStreamProducerConnect call, it correctly errors saying there are no consumer connected.

@amrits Is this a know issue?

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I saw some stuff in here about direct backend, unsure if this would help at all or is related, my understanding is not great but would like to help: cuEGLStreamProducerConnect returns error 801 on 525 series · Issue #414 · NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules · GitHub

No, the direct backend is a potential work around for the issue, as it does not use EGLStreams. It doesn’t solve the issue that EGLStream with CUDA is broken as of the 525 release.

I have filed a bug 3893338 internally for tracking purpose.
Can someone share precise repro steps so that I can try locally on my setup to reproduce issue.

I’ve whipped up a quick test case which reproduces the issue on my machine:

//compile with gcc test.c -lEGL -lcuda
#include <stdio.h>
#include <cuda.h>
#include <cudaEGL.h>
#include <EGL/egl.h>


void __checkCudaErrors(CUresult err, const char *file, const int line) {
    if (CUDA_SUCCESS != err) {
        const char *errStr = NULL, *errName = NULL;
        cuGetErrorName(err, &errName);
        cuGetErrorString(err, &errStr);
        printf("cuda error '%s' (%d):'%s' at file <%s>, line %i.\n", errName, err, errStr, file, line);
#define CHECK_CUDA_RESULT(err)  __checkCudaErrors(err, __FILE__, __LINE__)
#define LOG printf

int main(){
    LOG("Reconnecting to stream\n");

    CUcontext cudaContext;

    CHECK_CUDA_RESULT(cuCtxCreate(&cudaContext, CU_CTX_SCHED_BLOCKING_SYNC, 0));

    eglStreamImageConsumerConnectNV = (PFNEGLSTREAMIMAGECONSUMERCONNECTNVPROC) eglGetProcAddress("eglStreamImageConsumerConnectNV");
    eglCreateStreamKHR = (PFNEGLCREATESTREAMKHRPROC) eglGetProcAddress("eglCreateStreamKHR");

    EGLDisplay eglDisplay = eglGetDisplay(NULL);
    eglInitialize(eglDisplay, NULL, NULL);

    EGLint stream_attrib_list[] = { EGL_SUPPORT_REUSE_NV, EGL_FALSE, EGL_NONE };
    EGLStreamKHR eglStream = eglCreateStreamKHR(eglDisplay, stream_attrib_list);
    if (eglStream == EGL_NO_STREAM_KHR) {
        LOG("Unable to create EGLStream\n");
        return -1;

    if (!eglStreamImageConsumerConnectNV(eglDisplay, eglStream, 0, 0, NULL)) {
        LOG("Unable to connect EGLImage stream consumer\n");
        return -1;
    CUeglStreamConnection cuStreamConnection;
    CHECK_CUDA_RESULT(cuEGLStreamProducerConnect(&cuStreamConnection, eglStream, 1024, 1024));
    return 1;

It produces this output on my machine:

> gcc -o test12 test12.c -lEGL -lcuda && ./test12
Reconnecting to stream
cuda error 'CUDA_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED' (801):'operation not supported' at file <test12.c>, line 47.


Thanks for sharing the sample code, I am able to reproduce issue locally.
We will investigate on it and update.


525.78.01 driver released and the issue is still there.

We have root caused the issue successfully and fix will be incorporated in future released driver.

with future release you mean 525.85.05?