cuFFT C2C vs R2C

I am trying to do homomorphic filter for a gray scale image. I have pixel information in an int array which will be the input for below:

ln -> FFT -> filter () -> IFFT -> exp

For the FFT/IFFT portion i can do the C2C transform vs R2C right?
Provided I prep the data by copying the pixel info into the complex array as below?

Complex *h_signal = (Complex *)malloc(sizeof(Complex) * SIGNAL_SIZE);
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < SIGNAL_SIZE; ++i)
	h_signal[i].x = pixel[i];	
	h_signal[i].y = 0;

Thanks in advance.

Yes, that should work.

Okay thanks manage to get it to work.
Basically I am converting my 2D image array to 1D complex array like above and run the FFT->Filter->IFFT.
Lastly convert back to 2D image array.

Looks good so far :)