CUFFT with size 1 Is this a bug?

Currently I’m implementing CUFFT in a big software package. The software package came with a test program for FFT. The CUFFT failed as the test program was passing an input array of size 1 to be calculated by CUFFT. Yea I know that it doesn’t really make sense to calculate FFT of array with size 1, but I still kinda expect it to give the correct answer (even if it is trivial) instead of giving me the CUFFT_INVALID_PLAN error.

So is this considered a bug? From what I can see, this can be addressed by a simple IF case and doesn’t need to go through the kernel code when the input size is 1. I guessed programmer shouldn’t be expected to be aware of such limitation of CUFFT.

Does FFTW have the same behavior? I would imagine that the CUDA developers were trying to mimic the behavior of FFTW as closely as possible.

Nope, it’s not the same as FFTW.
FFTW does give the correct answer for this