cufftPlanMany parameters.


I hame a matrix int row-major format, size 8*8: {{a0, a1, a2…,a7}, {b0, b1, b2,…,b7}…}
I must take 1D Fourier Transform of diagonal: {a0, b1, c2…}
The manual says that it is possible using the cufftPlanMany().

But I don’t understand some parameters.

I think, thant IDIST must be 9, but what should be INEMBED??

So, my code:

int inembed = {64};
int rank = {8};
res = cufftPlanMany(&plan, 1, rank, inembed, 9, 0, NULL, 1, 0, CUFFT_C2C, 1);

After start res = CUFFT_INVALID_VALUE.

Please tell me, What is wrong and what shoul be correct parameters?


Parameters ISTRIDE, IDIST etc. in cufftPlanMany() are meaningful for CUFFT_R2C transform!

How to solve this problem? Could you please explain what’s meaning of these parameters?