cufftPlanMany - I can't understand something

When I have a 1280-point signal, how can I perform a 1D 1280-point Discrete Fourier Transform on it with given function: cufftPlanMany?
I would later use it to perform 256 this 1280-Fouriers simultaneously.

My code goes like this:
And ‘sig’ equals 1280.

//batch FFTs
cufftHandle plan;
int n[] = {1};
int idist = 0;
int odist =  0;
int inembed[] = {sig}; //
int onembed[] = {sig}; //
int istride = 1;
int ostride = 1;
int batch = 1; // number of FFTs

if (cufftPlanMany(&plan,1,n,inembed,istride,idist,onembed,ostride,odist,CUFFT_D2Z,batch)) {
	fprintf(stderr, "CUFFT Error: Unable to create plan\n"); 

Program returns an error…

Well, it works. Haven’t noticed the missing != CUDA_SUCCESS statement. Sorry for spam.