Cumulus VX install

I’ve installed Cumulus VX using the KVM image but i’m getting this error when using the net command:

cumulus@cumulus:mgmt:~$ net add hostname leaf01
ERROR: Command not found.

net add hostname leaf01
    ^ Invalid value here.

Are these the only options available or am i doing something wrong?
net --help

# net [] [help]
# net is a command line utility for networking on Cumulus Linux switches.
# COMMANDS are listed below and have context specific arguments which can
# be explored by typing “” or “help” anytime while using net.
# Use “man net” for a more comprehensive overview.

net help [verbose]
net show configuration [commands|files|acl|bgp|multicast|ospf|ospf6]
net show configuration interface [<interface>] [json]


# Help commands
help     : context sensitive information; see section below

# Status commands
show     : show command output
clear    : clear counters, BGP neighbors, etc

Which version of Cumulus are you using? Since 5.x NCLU (the net commands) can only be used for show-commands. NVUE (nv set xxx) should be used for configuration.

Thanks for the info.