Missing Commands in NCLU


I’m really new to Mellanox and Cumulus. I am trying to set up some basic layer 2 multiple vlan switching on a Mellanox MSN2410.

I am trying to use the “net” commands to configure the switch but I don’t seem to have the available commands that all the documentation says I should. For example when I issue the “net” command and press the TAB key I only get the options for clear help and show.

Do I need to do something else to make all the net commands available?

cumulus@cumulus:mgmt:~$ net
clear : clear counters, BGP neighbors, etc
help : context sensitive information; see section below
show : show command output

Hi Many,

Based on your question description - I believe you are using Cumulus Linux version 5.x where the default Configuration cli is NVUE and nclu (net xxx) is used only for show commands.

you can check your Cumulus Linux version with:

cat /etc/lsb-release
net show version

some more details can be found at: