Enable web GUI on my Mellanox SN2010 switches

We have recently had a pair of Mellanox SN2010 switches installed and connected via MLAG, running Cumulus Linux 5.5.0.

Can someone confirm how we enable the Web GUI on these switches?

You can’t, CL doesn’t have a GUI.

What are the options for having a GUI to manage the SN2010 switches?

Perhaps if we change from CL to Onyx or add a 3rd party tool, such as NEO?

What are the pros/cons of each?

Both Onyx and Neo are EOL or soon will be. It’s not really typical to manage DC switches through a GUI. CL has an API that allows you to integrate with any other tools, but this is what we can provide you today.

I was hoping for some kind of GUI to show performance trends of the switch and ports over a period of time and highlight config issues, firmware updates, amend config etc.

Can you recomend a product to provide such insight via the switch API?

You could have a look at NetQ and see if it meets your requirements, but that is typically meant for a larger Fabric: Network Operations and Cumulus NetQ | NVIDIA

Can you confirm costs for NetQ SaaS and Onprem?

Yes, netq is a separately licensed product.

Where do I find costs for NetQ?

You should be able to get a quote from the reseller/distributor you purchased the switches from.