Trying to get to the admin GUI on a new SN2010, I can ssh but not web GUI

Hi all,

I have a newish SN2010 switch that I reset (pushed the reset button for 15s). I logged in an ran ‘configure jump-start’ and put on a temp IP, etc. I can access the switch via ssh without issue, but when I try and access the web GUI the browser, it just times out. As this is a test environment, the switch isn’t on the network yet, I was connecting to it straight from my laptop. I also tried via a small switch, but obviously, no difference.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hi David,

Can you try to use https and let us know if that helped

With the laptop connected directly to OOB mgmt0 interface. Configure the IP’s correctly in the same subnet and then try to use https



Pratik Pande