SN2010 initial configuration issues

Hi there trying to get a bit of support, I have a SN2010 switch and after configuring the initial setup and during the switch up I entered the static address but the switch says that it doesn’t match the gateway ip. I try dhcp but the switch doesn’t get an address. So I’m not able to get into the web UI to configure the rest of it. I’ve rerun the initial setup and am unable to connect to the switch through the web UI.

Hi Anthony,

I would begin here to make sure the mgmt0 is being configured properly:

You can start the configuration wizard by running the following:

(config) # configuration jump-start

Once you go through the wizard and get the basic parameters configured and you’re in the CLI, do a “show interfaces mgmt0” to ensure you have a link and to verify the configured IP address:

SN2100 [standalone: master] (config) # show interfaces mgmt0

Interface mgmt0 status:

Comment :

Admin up : yes

Link up : yes

DHCP running : yes

IP address :

Netmask :

IPv6 enabled : yes

Autoconf enabled: no

Autoconf route : yes

Autoconf privacy: no

DHCPv6 running : yes (but no valid lease)

IPv6 addresses : 1

IPv6 address:


Speed : 1000Mb/s (auto)

Duplex : full (auto)

Interface type : ethernet

Interface source: bridge

MTU : 1500

HW address : 98:03:9B:AE:4D:D8


622758443 bytes

3160136 packets

0 mcast packets

0 discards

0 errors

0 overruns

0 frame


236829813 bytes

518354 packets

0 discards

0 errors

0 overruns

0 carrier

0 collisions

1000 queue len

If there is link and a configured IP address:

-Are you able to ping the IP?

-If you can ping, can you SSH to the mgmt0?

-If you can SSH, try a different browser or PC on the same subnet

-Try using https

If you are still having problems, please contact Mellanox Technical Support.