Mellanox SN2010 MLAG configure issue

Hi, I am new to the Mellanox Switch. I am going to configured MLAG for SN2010.

I found that the port-channel for MLAG is up and “Operational Status : UP” from show mlag. But these two switch seems cannot form cluster ( no master and slave status). There is no result from show mlag-vip as well. Is there anything missing? Thanks

mgmt0 port is up?

No, mgmt0 is down. I haven’t configured anything on mgmt0 port!!

Current physical connection

Core_SW01 eth1/21-1/22 <-> Core_SW02 eth1/21-1/22 (IPL)

Core_SW01 eth1/1-eth1/2 & Core_SW02 eth1/1-eth1/2 (MLAG interface to Access-layer SW)

Is it necessary to have connection at mgmt0 interface between Core_SW01 and Core_SW02?

The cluster status is based on the vip connection that runs across the mgmt0 ports.

As shown in this doc (, it is expected for the cluster to be unknown if this connection is down:


In a scenario where there is no IP communication between the MGMT ports of the MLAG switches (for example when one MGMT port is disconnected), the following CLI prompt is displayed: [:unknown]#. This does not reflect the MLAG state, but only the state of the cluster.