MLAG interfaces are active-active ?

Our costumer has a technnical doubt.

They are using 2 sx1012 in MLAG scenario against two sw Brocade in cluster

They are asking us if both links eth1/4 and eth1/7 are both active active in spite

One switch mellanox is an ACTIVE and the orther mellanox is STANDBY ??

Yes. When you aggregate physical ports into a logical ‘mlag-port-channel’, all physical ports are active and traffic is load-balanced between them (like in a regular LAG).

When two switches are configured in an MLAG cluster, one is elected as the cluster’s master and the other as the standby. The MLAG cluster is identified by a VIP (Virtual IP). When you try to access the VIP, you will be directed to the MLAG master.

Tsila Ben-Moshe

Senior Technology Instructor

Mellanox Technologies Ltd. |

What is the cumulative bandwidth available on a MLAG in this scenario? Is there a way to verify ?