Stacking / Grouping SX1012

I am just about to configure two SX1012 switches for a Storage Spaces Direct setup. I’ve previously used Cisco and Dell switches with stacking cables where the switches act as a single switch. I’m not as familiar with the SX1012 and have a few questions:

  1. Do these switches support stacking? I have two of the 40Gbe QFSP+ connecting the two switches but I’m not sure how to stack them or if that’s even possible.
  2. I have two 1Gbps connection on each switch which are the uplink to the rest of the network. I am assuming the best way to uplink the switches is individually? By that I mean rather than create a port group with all 4 connection I should have two port groups, one from each switch?

Hopefully that makes sense.

Hi Jacob,

What you want to do is called MLAG on the SX1012 switches.

Yes you use two ports (best practice, though can be done with one port) on each switch - say ports 11 and 12 of each connect together.

See How To Configure MLAG on Mellanox Switches for a step by step guide.

As for the uplinks from the SX1012 you use LACP.