Port channel between pair of SX1012 and pair of HPE5406zl J9538A switches

I’m trying to understand how I can make a port channel connection between HP switches and Mellanox. From an existing article HowTo Configure a 3rd Party Switch Connected to a Pair of Mellanox MLAG Switches) https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/howto-configure-a-3rd-party-switch-connected-to-a-pair-of-mellanox-mlag-switches I see that it can be done with a single Cisco switch. Can I do this with two pairs of switches with a similar method? The Mellanox switch pair sees an MLAG, while the HP switches see a port channel, or trunk? Here’s what I’m thinking, does it make sense?

Sunday Jun 10: I revised my diagram based on more reading…

Cheers, Anthony Murfet.

Hi Anthony,

You need to create another port channel in the similar way which is created in the cisco switch.

Please see the below picture.


Hi Khwaja,

Can you explain what you mean by “You need to create another port channel in the similar way which is created in the cisco switch” ??

I don’t have Cisco switches, only HPE switches.

The diagram you sent seems to show two separate MLAG configurations, is that correct? I thought that MLAG creates a single logical switch and therefore only one MLAG configuration is required. Can you explain?

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