How to configure a redundant Ethernet switch setup with 2* 6036G and 2*Cisco SG500X


I have a simple two-switch setup with 2 Cisco SG500X switches (48*1G, (2+2)*10G), both are stacked together via a stacking cable. Every server is connected to each switch (LAG). In case of a switch failure, the LAG will use the remaining switch, so everything should keep going, the servers should still have network connectivity.

Now I want to expand this scenario with 2* Mellanox 6036G switches: Basically I would connect each server via 40G ports to each switch, the same as for the Ciscos and do some kind of link aggregation.

Furthermore I will have to connect the two switches with the Cisco devices. Basically I would use a breakout cable and connect each 6036G with both ciscos. Here I need to make sure that I don’t create a loop! So I can think of two variants:

Variant 1: Create a LAG over 2 cables (1* 6036G → 2*SG500X) for each Mellanox switch. Traffic from one Mellanox to the other would then flow over the Ciscos. This has the drawback that the Mellanox switches are connected with 10G only, however, there should not be any loop.

Variant 2: Stack the two 6036G together via MLAG and create a LAG over all connections ( 4 cables) between the 6036 “MLAG stack” and the Cisco stack.

Attached to this Post you find a simple sketch depicting my setup.

This opens the following questions:

  • I it even possible to create a LAG over multiple (two in my case) 6036G switches? How would the switches “know” of each other? Is this possible after configuring MLAG as described in the manual?

For Variant (2):

  • How do I connect the two 6036G switches together? Simply via 40G ports? Or would I aggregate two to gain a 80Gigabit connection between the switches? Is there something to do so that the system “knows” that these ports do the “stacking”?
  • How do I prevent a loop? Do I simply configure MLAG and hope that everything works out?
  • Do I have to configure something special on the Cisco side except the LAG over the four ports?

Or is there perhaps an even better solution to my problem?

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Hermann

You can referfollowing link for confirgure Gateway HA.



Hi Suo,

Thank you for your reply, but I don’t get it: In which way is the linked article about a HA proxy arp (forwarding Infiniband/Ethernet via a 2*redundant switch setup) related to stacking two switches and connecting them to two other switches in an Ethernet-only setup?

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