Mellanox SX Switch Stacking / Mlag Question

Hi All,

I’m looking to buy two of the new SX1012 Switches and I’m wanting to split an LACP port channel over the switch switches.

I normally use Cisco Stacking (cabled) for this type of set-up and I know Arista use MLAG’s etc…

I’m just wanting to know what the Mellanox solution is for this ?

Regards, Daniel


is any another SX**** got stacking? maybe like cisco or dlink stacking. but not mlag?

Hi Daniel,

Link aggregation across two switches is a capability that will be added in the coming software release of MLNX-OS.

The SX1012 as will all MLNX-OS switch portfolio will carry this capability in that same software release.

Feel free to contact any Mellanox sales representative for further information.

Regards, Ran Almog

is Link aggregation(LACP, Port channel) across two SX1016 switches a capability in currently sofware release of MLNX-OS(3.4000)?

best regards