Howto setup LACP between Cisco Nexus and Mellanox

I have been able to setup an LACP connection between an Arista switch and a Mellanox SN2100 using a QSFP twinax cable. That works well. I have also setup LACP on my Cisco Nexus by creating a Cisco “Port-Channel” which bonds multiple ports together. For other gear that has worked. However, it doesn’t work between Mellanox and Nexus.

I have a breakout cable, and SFP connections on both sides that are recognized. Addtionally, I am able to get a single 10 Gb link to work using the cable, just not a bonded LACP connection at 40 Gb. When I establish it, Cisco shuts the ports down do to “FlapError” as the ports come up and down multiple times.

Has anyone else been succesful doing this? If so, how?

Hi Russ,

We already resolved this issue under case #00622088.

Resolution -

  1. We first split the port 1/15 to 4 logical ports

  2. Configured the speed to 10G

  3. Added the ports to port channel 15.

  4. Verified the links are UP and we see the traffic.


Pratik Pande