Connection Compatability


Which connections between Mellanox Switch and Server below are fully supported and works very well?

SwitchPort:25Gbit <—> 10 Gbit SFP+ DAC Cable <—> ServerPort:25 Gbit

SwitchPort:10 Gbit <—> 25 GBit SFP+ DAC Cable <—> ServerPort:10 Gbit

SwitchPort:100 Gbit <—> 100 Gbit to 4x25Gbit Split DAC Cable <—> Serverport:10 GBit

SwitchPort:100 Gbit <—> 40 Gbit to 4x10Gbit Split DAC Cable <—> Serverport:25 GBit


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Based on the information provided, you can find the information through the following link which provides the switch information per switch model and series →

For supported and certified cables, you will find all the information through the following link →

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