Good morning, I'm currently trying to establish a connection between 2 Mellanox SH2200 and 2 Cisco switches but I can't for the life of me ping anything. Can you give me some help? Regards, Francisco Brito

  • The two Mellanox are installed on a HPE Synergy and are configured with MLAG in LACP mode passive

-The two Cisco switches are configured with LAG in LACP mode active

-The connection between equipments is made with a breakout cable

-The uplink ports on both Mellanox’s are split in 4 10Gb ports

Hi Francisco,

Please open a new support case (not community) for this issue.

In the new case, please attach this diagram and the switch sysdump so we can review in more details.

The logs can be generated in 2 ways:

  1. Cli

1.1 .Run : “enable”

1.2 . Run : “configure terminal”

1.3 Run: “debug generate dump” , and wait till it finishes.

1.4 The output of the command is the name of the generated tgz dump

file, for example :

output: Generated dump sysdump-l-supp-SX6036-20120113-081721.tgz

1.5. To copy the file, use the command: file debug-dump upload name> scp://username:password@hostname/path/filename

Or to a USB drive:

file debug-dump upload latest scp://admin:admin@

  1. Web GUI:

2.1 Login to the switch via Web GUI

2.2 Click on the Status Tab

2.3 Click on the Maintenance Tab

2.4 Click on the “Generate Sysdump File” button

2.5 Choose the Latest sysdump file from the scroll list

2.6 Click on the “Download Sysdump File” Button

2.7 Choose where to save the sysdump file

Please provide the .tgz file generated.



Hello Francisco,

Thank you for contacting Mellanox Technologies Technical Support,

Can you please share the network diagram?


Ori Acoca

Hello Ori,

Thank you for the response.

This is our network diagram.


Francisco Brito