Configuring Cisco 6513 switch and melanox MLAG

The MLAG configuration is between the Cisco 653 switch and the SN2100 switch.

The SN2100 is set to guide in the document below.

How To Configure MLAG on Mellanox Switches

I heard from a Cisco engineer that I have a VSS configuration on my Cisco 653 switch, but I have not been able to guide the config to the Cisco switch because I just received the VRRP configuration and I do not know exactly what it is.

I tried both LACP and static mode in MLAG INTERFACE mode but it failed.

All Status is normal, but in the MLAG Ports Status Summary is Inactive.

There seems to be a default MLAG configuration and other settings between the MLAG configuration between the Cisco 653 switch and the SN2100 switch.

Anyone who shares this part of the experience would be grateful.

Hi YongHan Jo,

Hope you are doing great.

Mellanox MLAG has been tested and workable with other MLAGs or LAGs. To the scenario you description, the lag mode on the Cisco stacking is purely workable per my experience. If VSS is working as if it is a logical switch to the peer, then the picture setup can be achieved surely. If you are not surely you configuration is correct on the cisco side, you may lower down a step, that is you first test the mlag from Mellanox MLAG to a single cisco box lag, instead of VSS. if this testing is passed, the you may go ahead next step with vss.

You may refer to the below configuration of Cisco

Virtual Switching System (VSS) Q&A - Cisco