is there a way of setting up a 4 port MLAG between two pairs of switches

Im new to theses switches , is there a way of setting up a 4 port MLAG between 4 switches ( 2 x switches on one site and two on a second ) . that is 4 ports on each side ( sw1 & sw2 , 2 ports each >>> sw3 &sw4 2 ports each ) . many thanks in advance

Hi Cris,

If i understand correctly You would like the other side of this 4 port MLAG to be a single LAG.

In that case it is not possible, for this solution all 4 switches will need to be in the same MLAG cluster to behave as a single logical unit for the aggregation purposes.

Currently each MLAG cluster is limited to having 2 switches members in.

Let me know if i misunderstood.

Hi Hagai,

This is exactly I am going to do. we have two switches on each side i MLAG and we wanted to configure back-to-back MLAG between two MLAG-switch pair.

Can I not use the different System IDs on each mellanox switch pair . mlag system-mac xx.xx.xx

How can i have alle 4 switches in single cluster ?

looking forward to response.

Just to be clear, we wante this setup where just replace nexus with Mellanox…

Hi Umair,

The setup in the article has 2 different MLAG clusters one with 2 Mellanox and another with 2 Nexus.

You cannot have all 4 switches part of the same cluster, and also you would have to use 2 different MLAG system MAC 1 per MLAG pair.

Currently MLAG only supports 2 switch systems per cluster.