Migrating from SX1012 to SN2100, can MLAG run on different model?


this is the first time I am refreshing Mellanox switches. My current setup is using a pair of SX1012 running MLAG. I just purchased a pair of SN2100. Can MLAG be run on different models? I don’t want downtime during the refresh. My thought is to change the switches one by one, replacing one and letting them be MLAG connected. Can I backup the old config and restore it to the new switch? Since I am not going to change anything.


The SX1012 and The SN2100 can’t be used together in an MLAG pair.
2 differences here:

  1. ASIC is not he same - SX1012 is using the SWITCHX ASIC and the SN2100 has the Spectrum ASIC
  2. CPU ARCH is different - SX1012 has PPC460MEX CPU, SN2100 has Intel X86_64 CPU.

the configuration backup in binary form can’t be used on a different hw platform.
If you are using the same portds ( and not using the extra 4 ports the sn2100 has) you can use the text based configuration files.

Hi Eddies,

Thanks for the prompt response. At least I know that text-based configuration will still work. Phew! Since MLAG will not be able to work on the SX1012 and SN2100, is there any way I can migrate them without any downtime or minimum downtime? Thanks.

Yes. MLAG will be supported between the models - best if they align with the ONYX OS versions.

All these queries should be answerable via the user manual.

Follow the MLAG upgrade procedure in the Onyx user manual