Updating / Synchronizing Firmware on a 6036 and 6036G switch?

Dear Mellanox support,

I currently have two switches:

  1. SX6036G - PPC_M460EX 3.6.8010 2018-08-20 18:04:16 ppc

  2. SX6036 - PPC_M460EX 3.6.8012 2019-02-22 07:53:42 ppc

In order to get MLAG working properly, it is recommended to use the same firmware versions on both switches. Therefore I want to synchronize them.

I simply thought about copying the (newer) firmware from the second switch to the first. Would that be possible and if yes, how? Is it a problem that I put a SX6036 Firmware on a SX6036G switch?

Another solution would be to install the newest available firmware on both switches. However, where would I get that from? I had a look at the Mellanox website but I cannot find any firmwares for the 6036 switches?

Any help is appreciated!

Best Regards,


The latest Software for the switchX series is 3.6.8012.

you can get the software from myMellanox