Correct Firmware for SX6710

I inherited an SX6710 that’s in our lab and it’s having some weird issues so I figured the first this would be firmware and OS updates. I looked around on the site and I did find but it doesn’t show any 6710. So I figured well mine is the 36 port so maybe that would help narrow it down but there are 4 listed.

Being completely new to the Mellanox world, I’m not familiar with any hidden secrets in the model/ID/release numbers that would tell me which one to get. And again, like I said, this is in our lab and not connected to the internet so whatever I find I need to be able to download and manually upgrade/update the switch - guessing there are ample instructions on how to do that but if you have a link/pointer I’d appreciate it.

I’m guessing that once I get the firmware updated, I’ll need to do the same with the OS. If you think I’m going to run into the same issue determining versions etc. for the OS, please provide me a link/pdf/instructions for doing that as well.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

I appreciate the stock answer but do not appreciate that you automatically decide that is the correct answer.

When I attempt to login via the link you sent, I get a failed login although I am clearly logged in here which to me means they are two separate logins?

Also, from the little I read so far on the site, what you may be referring to would be to allow me to update the software/firmware directly online. As I said, this is a lab switch and not connected to the outside internet so that would not be an option. If you have a link with instructions for a method to download the firmware and install it in an offline mode, that would be helpful.

I did also ask if there is something similar for OS upgrades as well. Again, I’d really appreciate any pointers/links/hints that anyone can provide. This is my first Mellanox equipment and as I’m sure you are all aware, it does have a learning curve associated with it.


Since providing the software requires an active support contract (which your account/company has) - please send an email to asking for download links for software and upgrade instructions.


The SX6710 is a managed switch, meaning it has embedded software management.

To get the software you should get it via:

Login | myMellanox

or sending an email to

Really? Well that’s something I wasn’t aware of. I guess I need to start beating some bushes to find out if we have that still in place and who has the information as I was told it was pretty much just up to me to maintain.