Firmware download has wrong PSID

On the firmware download page for Dell branded Infiniband switches

the download links for the 12 port switch PSID DEL1270110020 and 36 port switch PSID DEL1010310021 point to the same file

Downloading and unzipping this file gives the following error when trying to update the 12 port switch firmware:

-E- PSID mismatch. The PSID on flash (DEL1270110020) differs from the PSID in the given image (DEL1010310021)

Can the same firmware binary be used for both switches?


Jerry Daniel

Hi Colin,

Thanks very much for replying. I am afraid that I have a number of other Infiniband problems I need to sort out before looking again at the switch firmware. I thought I had found a simple web site error but I am glad you have clarified the situation.

Best regards,

Jerry Daniel

Hi again,

At that firmware page, the switch description says it’s externally managed.However, the SX6012 is a managed switch. The managed switches don’t require firmware upgrades. Only the MLNX-OS version gets upgraded and during that MLNX-OS upgrade the firmware gets automatically updated.

Depending on what MLNX-OS version is currently on the switch, you may or may not to upgrade incrementally to reach the latest MLNX-OS release.

Please see the latest version 3.6.3004 release notes, which will explain in the “Upgrade from Previous Releases” chapter, the proper upgrade path.



Hi, you must use the firmware file that matches PSID DEL1270110020.

It does appear to be wrong on our website. The file you were trying to use only matches PSID DEL1010310021 (slightly different switch model).

If you contact Dell, they can provide the proper, latest firmware for the DEL1270110020 switch product.

It’s considered a Dell product, though Mellanox actually makes it. There is a possibility that Dell has tweaked the firmware image for their solutions, so you can’t use the Mellanox version of the firmware.

We try to maintain these “Dell” OEM firmware images on our website also, but it seems in this case it was posted incorrectly. I’ll check internally to see if I can get you the correct file, and I’ll get our firmware web page fixed.

I’ll reply again soon. However, like I mentioned officially it’s a Dell product so they can get you the proper file also and also make sure its the latest and best for that switch.