SX1012 in a SAN Environment Question


I would like to start using Mellanox equipment with a new SAN upgrade I’m planning out. I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone might be able to help me with. I want to use 2 SX1012’s to connect 4 VMWARE hosts, a Nimble CS1000 SAN, and HP 5400zl core. I’d like to use the 40GBE to 10GBE breakout cables and have everything running Ethernet and SFP+. What would be the ideal connection to make between both SX1012’s? I didn’t know about InfiniBand until I started researching Mellanox, can that be used in conjunction with Ethernet protocol? Attached is a diagram of our setup. I appreciate anyone’s time and guidance.


Mellanox-SAN-SETUP.pdf (836 KB)

Jason the SX1012 is an Ethernet switch. So Infiniband is not relevant here. To connect these switches between each other I suggest you use 2 cables type 40GbE DAC.

Cables are here LinkX™ - Mellanox Technologies

And spec sheet here

Then you can configure LAG/mLAG between switches for fail over. Start here MLAG Considerations for Mellanox VMS

To manage and configure switches you can use NEO which is free. Nice GUI and all. Mellanox NEO is now public!

Have fun!

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It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and those extra links are extremely valuable. Have a great rest of the day!

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