Connecting SX1024 & SX6036

Customer has an existing SX1024 and procured a new SX6036 . Customer used HP 3M IB FDR QSFP Copper Cable to connect both switches but there’s no connectivity.

Would like to request your kind help to confirm if this connectivity is supported or not?

Let’s know if you require further details in this context.


SX1024 is Ethernet switch & SX6036 is Infiniband switch.

Hence there is nothing to connection each other.

If you add a gateway license to SX6036 that can change port mode to Ethernet then connect each other.

You also need IB-to-ETH gateway (or versa) configuration that help communication between IB and ETH network.


Jae-Hoon Choi


I have a SX6036G gateway switch all works good between IB and ETH world…:)