Problem connecting of SN2410 and SX6036 IB switches

I am not an expert on switches and cabling, and I have a problem:
I have two InfiniBand switches, one SN2410 and the other SX6036. I want to make a connection between them (QSFP+ port on SX6036 to QSFP28 port on SN2410), but the QSFP+ (Mellanox P/N 498385-B23) copper cables I have are not working. The cable is recognized by both switches, but no link (leds of ports on both switches are off).
Am I missing something obvious, or what I am trying to do is impossible and I have to use different kind of cables?

Thank you

Hi,Firstly, sn2410 is not an IB switch, it is an Ethernet switch, and you need to be clear about this,
From your description, it seems that there is no problem. Can you replace a cable to confirm that there is no problem with the cable?

If the connection still cannot be established after replacement, you may need to send an email to to open a case to resolve the issue


Is your SX6036 with GW license to allow ethernet or are you trying to connect the SN2410 (ethernet switch) with SX6036 IB switch?

If connecting IB to ETH – you’ll need to connect the switches via a GW device to convert between the protocols.

No, my SX6036 do not have any licenses installed, ETH or VPI. The ETH management, IP route and Gateway menus are greyed out on the web interface. Where can I get these licenses?

Not sure you can. It is EOL.

If your device is 6036-G, then you need to change the interconnect interface from IB mode to Ethernet mode; If it is not the 6036-G model, it is not possible to interconnect with Ethernet switches

My device is a simple SX6036, without ETH or VPI licenses. Thank you both for your responces. From these I conclude that the only solution, if the licenses are no where to be found, is to buy another used SX6036 with license, or a SX6036G.