IB link aggregation between Mellanox switches?

I have a SX6018T switch (18-port FDR10 40Gbps), and I’m considering getting a SX6036F (36-port FDR 56Gbps). Since I have a few 10GBE clients, and an IB/Ethernet Gateway license on the SX6018T, I’d like to keep using that in addition to the new switch, both for 10GBE clients and for FDR10 IB clients (the Ethernet gateway license for the 6036 is quite expensive).

The two switches will be right next to each other in the same rack, and I’m planning to use a copper cable to connect them. That will be a 40Gbps uplink, and I’d be interested in getting a bit more bandwidth between them, so I guess what I’m looking for is link aggregation between two ports, so I could get 80Gbps instead. However, I haven’t found a lot of information on this (Ethernet link aggregation is documented in various places, but not IB). Is this supported? Automatic? How do I set this up? Can I (theoretically) aggregate more than two ports too?