Converged Networks


I´new at this community, I have signed to ask and to know the answer of some questions. First I want to know about converged networks. I have three networks in my CPD, Ethernet, Infiniband and Fibre Channel. I have heard that it is possible to get them in the same switches, but I haven´t found detailed documentation. The nearest are Mellanox switches, but I still doubt if it is possible. I need 12 GE ports, 2 10GE ports, 3 Infiniband ports (40 Gbps) and 12 Fibre Channel Ports (I could use just 4 ports but I must be able to connect my former FibreChannel switch to the new ones). Also I need redundancy, Is there any product that fulfills this features? Thanks in advance!


Hello Ricardo,

See the below link.


This was the closest I could find to what you are looking for.

Also note that this switch is end of life for Mellanox.


Hi Ricardo,

Mellanox has the SX6036G. This is a 36-port Non-blocking Managed 56Gb/s InfiniBand to 40GbE Ethernet Gateway.

Please see the below link.

Also see the following link on how to configure the switch to bridge the traffic between InfiniBand to Ethernet.

HowTo Configure InfiniBand Gateway HA (Proxy ARP)


Hello Marlon,

Thanks for your answer, but I need also to get FibreChannel in the switch also. The Datasheet does not say anything about this third technollogy. My question continues unsolved, is it possible to have Ethernet, Infiniband and FibreChannel together in the same switch (but different virtual networks)?? Thanks again!


Thanks a lot,

Now I see it´s possible. However I´m still looking for this product updated. I have seen in products overview in Gateway Section, that they talk about connecting FibreChannel SAN networks, but they don´t say it again. I would need a comercial or provider for Spain to talk to, thanks in advance!


Hi Ricardo,

Mellanox can provide Ethernet and Infiniband on the same switch, but no FibreChannel. Also, Mellanox does not offer any switch with native 1GbE ethernet ports, so you’ll need to “downspeed” a 40 GbE port to 1 GbE, so for 12 GbE ports this might not be cost effective.

The number of ports you require seems very low. Is this an enterprise datacentre or jut a home lab?