Connecting Qlogic 12200-BS01 QDR InfiniBand switch with NVidia Mellanox QM8700 HDR switch


I do have an installation of an older cluster using Qlogic 12200-BS01 QDR IB switches which I would like to have it connected to the newer cluster which is using the NVidia Mellanox QM8700 HDR switches.

Somewhere I have read that one can only connect the two switches ( QDR → HDR) using a “jumper” FDR switch: QDR → FDR → HDR

Is this true? any specificities I need to be aware? I don’t have the FDR switch and I will need to purchase one: any suggestion on what FDR model number is very welcomed!

The new cluster and the old cluster are separated by two cabinet rows in the data center - maybe 20ft distance.

I can place the FDR switch close to the HDR switches, and use longer cables to reach the QDR switches.

What type of cables do I need to connect the FDR IB switch to the HDR IB switch?
What type of cables do I need to connect the FDR IB switch to the QDR switches?

Part numbers for the cables needed will be very helpful!

Thank you!


Based on my experience, it is not work when connect QDR switch with HDR switch.
For FDR switch, all type MSX60xx should be ok.
There is no limitition for connect FDR and QDR switch. You can use both QDR cable and FDR cable.
But when connect FDR and HDR switch you need use FDR AOC cable.

I don’t think this should be marked as solved.
There is minor guidance given.
And Suo did not understand the path I was trying to use - the FDR switch is in between the QDR and HDR switches.
Also, would the SX6018G work in this configuration - and take advantage of the InfiniBand to Ethernet capability of this switch?

Hi Petrescu,
6018G support some port IB and other port Ehternet, You can also configure all ports as InfiniBand port.
So when you connect IB port to your fabric, it should work.

12200 BS01gfz3

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