Setting up FDR infiniband

Hi ,

Please, i am a real beginner in Infiniband interconnect !, and need help please.

I want to set up infiniband FDR over HPC cluster, I haven’t yet order the parts, but i am thinking to the followings :

  • Mellanox FDR single port on servers DELL C6220, CX383A ( 56 Gbps) [I think actually this is FDR10 at 40Gbps !].
  • Mellanox FDR Switch MSX6036F ( 56 Gbps).

First of all, my interest is Latency more than bandwidth, First question:

  • should i buy QSFP FDR cables or QSFP QDR would work correctly ?.
  • On cards & Switch descriptions , ports are mentioned as QSFP, but i see that there are QSFP+ cables, would they work too, or simply they are the same ,

In other hand, regarding software & OS, the cluster is running very well with 10GbE SFP+ on Linux CentOS, then setting up infiniband interconnect would be more complected ( things to do and things to avoid) ?

I certainly have other questions but, at this time…

Thanks for help


Hi ,

I suggest to contact Mellanox Sales department at

They will answer all your questions.