Can MQM8700 be connected to IBM Flex System IB6131 Infiniband Switch?

I have a new MQM8700 recently, can I connect the IBM Flex System IB6131 Infiniband Switch to the MQM8700?


The IBM Flex system IB6131 is a 40Gb Infiniband QDR switch, whereas an Nvidia QM8700 is a 200Gb Infiniband HDR switch. You will not be able to connect these directly together.

In order to acheive what you are looking to do, you would need an FDR switch in the middle to interconnect them. Keep in mind that the devices that will now be connecting into the fabric at QDR or FDR speeds, will not enjoy the same performance as those who are traversing only the 200Gb ports.

Also, if connecting FDR to HDR switch, you can only use FDR AOC cables.

On the Nvidia downloads page (you may need to register for access) there are release notes for each version of code and for each product. In the beginning of each release notes there is a section regarding which products/technologies/SW releases are supported. The current release for QM8700 MLNX-OS is 3.11.2016. It’s a good idea to review the release notes for continued compability with other fabric components before making any changes: