Interconnection between HDR and FDR switches (Cont...)

I’ve connected an FDR switch SX6025 (leaf) to HDR switch QM8790 (tor). The connection works fine (seeing beegfs ib rdma on libvirt nodes), but when trying to query or update the firmware of SwitchX, I get

root@v001:~# flint -d /dev/mst/SW_MT51000_SwitchX_lid-0x0041 q
FATAL - Can’t find device id.
-E- Cannot open Device: /dev/mst/SW_MT51000_SwitchX_lid-0x0041. MFE_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE

HCA’s are all updated to the latest Connect-X3 firmware.

Any suggestions on how I can update the firmware of this MSX6025F-1SFR?

I’m using FDR cables. Suggestions?


Hi, Tore,
Could you let us know the mft tool version are you use ?