Can EDR cable be used for SX6036?


I am trying to connect SX6036 to SB7800 infiniband switch.

I only have EDR cables. (MFA1A00-E010 / Mellanox® active fiber cable, IB EDR, up to 100Gb/s, QSFP, LSZH, 10m)

SX6036 supports up to FDR. Is this cable compatible with SX6036?

Thank U for your help.


Starting From SwitchX FW (9.3.1200) / MLNX-OS 3.4.1008 - there is support for for this PN:


this is documented in the SwitchX Fw release notes:

Changes in Rev 9.3.1200

• Added GA support for MFA1A00-Exxx EDR 100Gb/s AOCs over SwitchX® based systems

Thank you sir😄