EDR Switch Connected to Non-EDR Equipment?


Do any of you have an EDR switch connected to any non-EDR equipment (switches or HCAs)? I know the datasheets for the EDR switches all say this will work, but I am looking for actual cases of someone having this connected and working.

If you do have this working, could you tell me the model of EDR switch and the type of non-EDR equipment (switch or HCA) that you are using?

Thanks in advance,

Rusty D.

Hi Russell,

We have in our lab a Mellanox EDR SB7700 switch connected to a Mellanox FDR SX6018 switch and an Intel server running RHEL 6.5 with Mellanox HCA ConnectX-3. We are using the following cables:

PN MC2207130-001 (QSFP passive copper VPI )

PN MCP1600-E001 (QSFP28 passive copper EDR)

The setup works great!


Thanks for the info! I had tried a somewhat similar setup but was unable to bring the link up. Turns out that was due to a configuration mistake on my part. After correcting the mistake, I am getting EDR<->FDR links to work as well.

Hi Guys,

I understand the you made a connection between EDR SW and FDR SW by copper cable and you are able to connect servers between two SWs? I had the right understand?

Thank you for any answer.