Can EDR cable be used for MT4103 - ConnectX-3?

I have HP servers, and their HCA card is MT4103 - ConnectX-3, Firmware version: 2.33.5220.

Is it possible to connect to SX6036 IB Switch (9.3.1260) using EDR cable?

In ConnectX3-FW-2_33_5000-release_notes, there was no entry for EDR cables.

Thanks for letting me know.😉

Hi Yongho Kim,

You can refer following release note .: NIC-to-Switch Connectivity Matrix



Hi Yongho Kim,

EDR cables are not able to be used to connect between ConnectX-3 and SX6036. FDR DAC or AOC cables are recommended to connect ConnectX-3 and SX6036. Please refer to the NIC-to-Switch Connectivity Matrix section of release notes.



Thank you for your answer!

Thank you for your help