QDR vs FDR Cables and 56Gb

This has been on my mind for a while. I am sure this have been covered somewhere, but I have been reading for the past hour and have not come up with an answer.

Is there a difference between QDR 40Gb and FDR 56Gb cables?

I have ConnectX-3 Cards and SMX6036 Switch, but they are syncing up at 40Gbs. I am using HP Fiber optic cables HP 498386-B24. The cables are marked as QDR.

Going forward I wanted to know if I needed to purchase cables specifically marked for FDR, and if so how do I distinguish. It seems cables are usually marked as QSFP+ or DDR or QDR. Not many mention FDR.



FDR cable also tagged 56Gb in blue color.

If you have a SX6036F FDR14 Infiniband switch, you also access User Guide and Release Notes on web management UI.

These guides also have several informations supported cables that distinguished with part number.


Jae-Hoon Choi