Connect between CX-6 and InfiniScale switch


Documentation for CX6 describe that this card support QDR speed.

How connect CX6 card with IS5200 switch in QDR speed? - this document don’t give answer

Hello Ilya,

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The link you are referring to contains the correct information.

Unfortunately, even though the protocol is supported, connectivity towards QDR switches is not supported.

You can lower the speed to QDR on certain FDR and EDR switches. But as the matrix shows, no QDR switches are supported.

To obtain QDR connectivity towards a ConnectX-6 you can add the following switches in between.

  • Switch QDR → FDR (switch) → EDR (switch) → ConnectX-6 HCA
  • Switch QDR → FDR (switch) → HDR (switch) → ConnectX-6 HCA

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