Mellanox SN2410 MLAG behavior

Hi all! I’m trying to configure MLAG to a pair of Mellanox SN2410 as leaf switches. I would say this is my first experience with the model and even MLAG configuration. It was configured based on this docs: MLAG

I’ve done the config and everything looks great on the redundancy and fault tolerance part. But something is a bit weird when both IPL ports (configured as a port channel) are brought down during my testing. From what I’ve read, if both IPL ports are down, the standby switch will set its MLAG port channel (MPO) to down while the master would leave its to up state.

However, what I’ve noticed is even though the non-MPO port operational state shown as up on the standby switch, but in reality the traffic doesn’t really goes through them. Should the non-MPO really be up while the MPO should be down on the standby switch?

Yes, this is the expected behavior.

I’ve done my own testing by disconnecting both IPL links that I configured in a port channel. I’ve connected to the switch via the management port to look at the interfaces operational state on standby switch. All MPO ports shown as down and non-MPO/access ports shown as up.

But, traffic isn’t going through the access ports also even though the operational state is up. How can I check anything that can help me troubleshoot thing?