Management port routing


I am setting up a two switch cluster using mlag functionnality.

In order to do that, I configured mgmt0 addresses on both switches and a common mlag-vip address on that same network as needed and the mlag functionalities and mlag interfaces are up and working.

I have also setup an interface vlan and ospf routing in order to include this switch cluster in my network routing.

The problem I encounter is about accessing the mgmt0 interfaces from a distant lan : it seams that mgmt0 interface use the same routing VRF default as the interface vlan, and drops the arriving packets that need to be routed.

It seam also that there is no mean to change the VRF of mgmt0 interface (this is the common way of doing things on cisco switches and routers).

Is there any means to get a different default route for mgmt0 interface in Onyx ?


Hi Alain,

Thank you for contacting Nvidia Mellanox Technical Support.

Based on our records we see you have Silver support Contract. So we have opened a Technical Support case #[00914221] Management port routing to assist you with this issue and we will communicate using this case.


Pratik Pande