Switch Power Consumption

Hi All,
I wish to monitor the power consumption of our Mellanox switches.
We’re using Zabbix and the integration has been simple but the switch is not sending power usage data.
It IS there on the switch GUI but NOT over the SNMP.

Does anyone please have the OID/MIB for that feature please?
We are trying to work out our power/carbon usage and this is frustrating that the switch is logging this data but not revealing it.

Surely this is a HIGH priority for NVIDIA?



Here is the info of the MIB/OID for ONYX and CL.

  1. ONYX
    Please go to NVIDIA download center in the path Download>Switches and Software>Switch Software > Nvidia ONYX
    Then you will see the MIB File over there with version of 3.10.4408.

  2. Cumulus Linux
    https://docs.nvidia.com/networking-ethernet-software/cumulus-linux-59/Monitoring-and[…]oting/Simple-Network-Management-Protocol-SNMP/Supported-MIBs/](Supported MIBs | Cumulus Linux 5.9

Good luck!

Hi Derxu,
Thanks for that.

Unfortunately I dont have an enterprise account and can no longer DL anything.

Its VERY frustrating that what Mellanox gave for free NVIDIA have paywalled.
I want the MIBS to try to reveal power usage so we can capture our carbon footprint.

I tried to mention this to a support person but they closed the ticket!


Are you using ONYX or Cumulus Linux?
If you have confirmed it needs contract, then could you try to reach out Nvidia account team of your region?
As I know, for Cumulus Linux, it seems not need to have to download.


Thanks Derxu,
So far no joy.

Next stop I guess will be twitter or some other social platform to see if I can guilt them into getting this information availble